Minimum Wallet Funding Amount

What is the minimum I must pay to fund my wallet?

Jude Atebe

Last Update a year ago

It is advisable to fund your wallet with a minimum of N5,000 (five thousand Naira) for business starters, but if you are an end user, you can try the MOBitooT app with at least N1,000 (one thousand Naira). 

Ensure to keep funding your wallet and do all your transactions with MOBitooT so your savings/profit can become appreciable over time.

Do note that in compliance with the CBN Anti-money Laundering and Combating Financial Crimes and Terrorism, you will be required to comply with our KYC requirements in item 25 of the help section of the app, before you can hold more than N50,000 in your wallet or perform any transaction above N20,000 daily.

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