Options Available to Fund Wallet

What are the methods for funding wallet?

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There are 8 methods of funding your MOBitooT wallet:

1. Bank Transfer to your STERLING or WEMA BANK Account

The primary mode we recommend is by your MOBitooT assigned STERLING or WEMA BANK Account number. Each wallet is given a unique STERLING or WEMA BANK account number. Simply transfer money from your bank account to your STERLING or WEMA BANK Account number and your wallet will be automatically credited within 2 - 3 minutes. If you are sending it via USSD code from any other bank, you will be charged N20. If you do so via internet banking or your banks mobile app (other than a STERLING or WEMA BANK account) you will be charged the statutory N52.50. Transfer from STERLING or WEMA BANK to Your MOBitooT STERLING or WEMA BANK account cost N0.00 (free).

2. By Bank transfer to Voucher Net Limited Accounts

A) Select “Add funds to wallet” from the home screen of the app

B) choose “pay into bank account”

C) pick any of our 6 bank account numbers and go to your bank mobile app to transfer the amount you want to put in your wallet. Please make sure you put your VCN CODE in the comment, remark, purpose or Narration space.

D) confirm your transfer and within 10-15minutes , the money will be put in your wallet automatically. If after 15mins your wallet is not funded, contact our customer serves team with your payment justification which you must send to them before they can credit you.

3. By Payment with Your ATM card (Paystack or Quickteller option only)

A) Repeat steps A above then

B) Select pay with card and follow the instruction that opens up by imputing the amount you want credited to your wallet. Next, choose between "Quickteller" or “PAYSTACK” among the payment options and enter your card details and when you hit send, your Card will be debited and


a 1.5% Card processing fee will be applied to transaction amount below N2,500.00 . Kindly note that transaction amount of N2,500.00 and above will attract a N100+1.5% card processing fee and the difference is sent to your wallet within 5 minutes. Note that only cards that have been activated for internet purchases will work. If your ATM Card has not been activated for internet purchases, contact your bank to know how to activate your card before repeating these steps after activation is done.

ii) For Quickteller

a flat N100 card processing fee will be added to any amount you entered. This will be debited from your bank account and you will receive the full amount you entered in your wallet instantly.

4. mCash via *402 USSD Code

Use *402*00009760*Amount#. SEND. You must only do this from the phone number you registered YOUR BVN WITH. Follow the instruction till payment is done. This automatically credits our Diamond Bank account. Note that 00009760 is Voucher Net Limited Seller Code registered with NIBSS.

A) take a screenshot of the debit alert and send to customer services mentioning your VCN Code in your correspondence so they can fund your wallet.

5. Payment at a Bank

You can also walk into any of our banks and pay the same way as with mobile app funds transfer in 1 above. Fill out your teller and ensure you put your VCN code in the comment or Purpose section. Be sure to tell the cashier or Teller official to enter your VCN CODE correctly when posting the transaction. If after 15 minutes of posting the fund is not in your wallet, send a picture of your stamped teller to our customer care and your wallet will be automatically credited.

6. Your Bank USSD Code

Simply use you bank USSD Code to send money to any of our listed bank accounts, and just as in method 3 above, send a screenshot of your debit alert to our customer care numbers stating your VCN Code or email address [email protected] and your wallet will be funded upon confirmation immediately.

7. By Wallet to Wallet Transfer

Anybody having a MOBitooT wallet can send money to your own MOBitooT wallet.

Simply select Money Transfer and choose Wallet to Wallet Transfer. Enter the VCN code of the wallet you want to fund and the amount your want to send to the wallet. There are no fees for wallet to wallet transfer. It is FREE!

8. By Cash Payout.

When you redeem a Cash payout code generated from MOBitooT, the money in the code is credited to your wallet + a N50 commission. Read item 52 to understand how to use CashPayout in detail.

Please use our live chat utility either from MOBitooT or from our website to contact customer care or, if you use Telegram, contact us via Telegram chat.

Join our telegram group chat via this link: https://t.me/joinchat/UQTbK4ZYk_NiNDVk

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