Wallet funding limits

What is the maximum amount I can use to fund my wallet?

Jude Atebe

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There is no minimum requirement for funding your wallet. It depends on your funds availability and your convenience.

We however have maximum amounts depending on how you have complied with our KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. 

Every new wallet starts with a Tier 1 attribute i.e. Maximum wallet value of N50,000, Maximum Daily Transaction amount of N20,000 and Maximum Daily funding of N20,000. Tier 2 & Tier 3 gives more value.

To upgrade to Tier 2 which allows up to a Maximum of N400,000 in your wallet, send to [email protected] the following:

1. A valid means of Identification (Biodata page of passport, Drivers Licence or National ID Card)

2. Proof of Address i.e. a utility bill containing your address and

3. Your BVN

Corporate organisations must in addition send a formal request letter + CAC Certificate and particulars of directors.

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