MOBitooT Wallet Funding

How do I add money to my wallet?

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For new users, after logging into your MOBitooT account, you should see your wallet value as N 0.00.

You will also see your VCN Code and your STERLING or WEMA BANK Account number below it.

To fund your wallet, you must pay into either

1. Your STERLING or WEMA BANK Account number (account numbers beginning with the number "8" are Sterling accounts. Those beginning with "7" are Wema accounts.


2. Any Voucher Net bank account


3. Use directly your credit card from MOBitooT with the Quickteller or Paystack options under "Pay with Card".

When payment is to be made into Your STERLING or WEMA BANK Account, there is NO NEED for VCN Code input. But if you must pay into any Voucher Net Limited account, you must provide you VCN Code in the description or Narration of your transfer/payment.

To fund your wallet, Select the 'Add Money to wallet' from the Home screen then select either of the two payment options, i.e. 'Pay into bank Account or 'Pay with credit card'. Your payment code is displayed when you select pay into bank account.

READ Carefully the Note in each of the payment methods you you can understand what to do.

Note that for paying into Bank account, you MUST do so either from your Banks mobile app or by USSD transfer or by going into a banking hall to make your deposit.

You will find the list of Voucher Net Ltd. authorised bank account. Copy the numbers for the bank you wish to use, go to your bank or mobile/internet banking platform and credit the account with any amount you desire to fund your wallet with. Remember you must always mention your payment code (VCN Code) in the remarks or comment section of your bank deposit slip or internet banking platform.

You can also pay into your own MOBitooT assigned STERLING or WEMA BANK Account. In this case, you do not need to put your VCN Code. Just transfer money to Your MOBitooT assigned Account number and your wallet will be credited automatically (go and read more about How to use your STERLING or WEMA BANK Account in the other section of this help instructions below)

Payment with credit card enables you fund your wallet directly from a direct debit of your ATM card. A 1.5% fee is deducted from any amount below N2,500 you enter to fund your wallet with. If you want to fund with N2,500 or more, the transaction fee becomes N100+1.5% of the amount you pay. Use only the Paystack Option until we provide other alternatives.

With the Quickteller option, only a N100 card processing fee is charged for any amount you are paying using the Quickteller option for funding your wallet with card. You can avoid this cost by simply using bank transfer option to pay into any of our bank accounts that matches yours e.g GTBank to GT Bank or FBN to FBN. 

Note 1:

If you are transferring from a different bank than ours, your bank will charge you N52.50. USSD transfers attract a N20 fee from your bank.

Note 2: 

If you use the USSD transfer method, your VCN code cannot be inputed so, YOU MUST CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICES with details of your payment and your VCN code before we can credit your wallet. The USSD method is not an automatic wallet funding option. 

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