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How do I recover my password if I fail to remember it?

Jude Atebe

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If you have forgotten your Login Password, it means you cannot also perform any transaction because the last 4 characters of your MOBitooT login Password is also your transaction confirmation pin. So you MUST recover this by Resetting your Password.

Voucher Net employees cannot send you your password. We have no access to anybody's password. We can however assist to send you your reset password link for your account.

To reset your password, you can only do so from the Login Screen of your MOBitooT app so if you are already inside the app, you must first Sign out of the app by going to Setting and select SignOut/Log out, them follow these steps:

1. Restart MOBitooT

2. Click Forgot Password? on the login screen

3. Enter your registered MOBitooT email account to send yourself a Reset Password Link

4. Go to your email box and search for the reset password email (Note, the link expires after 15 minuted so you must do this immediately).

5. Click on the link in the email and a Reset password screen will open.

6. Enter your new password. Retype it for confirmation. Make sure you can remember it because your transaction confirmation pin is the last 4 characters of your new password.

7. Submit your new password and return to the login screen of MOBitooT to login with your email address and new password.

Note: If the link is expired, you have to repeat the process from step 1 above.

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