Bill Payments & Commissions

How do I perform bill payments?

Jude Atebe

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1. select the bill payment type i.e., Toll, electricity, TV, funds transfer or internet, complete the details in the form provided correctly.

2. Select submit, you will see the actual transaction cost that must be received in cash from client.

3. Confirm the details are correct, select vend, and you may then print the receipt of the transaction. Printing the receipt is optional but we recommend that you make a screenshot of the displayed confirmation details or print one for your client.

Note: Be sure the Bluetooth printer is connected before starting a bill payment operation. If you do not have a bluetooth printer, receipt is sent to your registered mailbox. We however advice that you take a screenshot of the successful transaction.

Your commission is what you charge your customer over our N50 or N75 transaction fee. You must remember to charge your clients a convenience fee else, you will loose money. You can charge N100 or N125 for a N50 or N75 transaction respectively so you always earn N50. We do not determine your commission on bill payments. Its up to you to charge your clients what they can afford.

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