Bill Payments Transaction Fees

What are your fees for bills payment and money transfer?

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We have streamlined our Transaction Fees to be either N50 only or N75 only depending on the product and transaction type.

N50 Transaction Fee Items

These are DSTV, GoTV, Startimes only.

N75 Transaction Fee Items

All other bill payment items including money transfer to banks attract a transaction fee of N75 per transaction. This includes funding your Betting wallets, Flight & Bus Tickets and all other products that are not included in the list above.

Note that Money transfer from your wallet to any bank is also in the category of N75 transaction fee.

Remember, you MUST charge your customers a premium over our transaction fee. The premium you charge is your profit. For example, If you charge your clients N100 convenience fee for a DSTV payment, it means you will earn N50 because we will deduct N50 from the payment you are making as our transaction fee. 

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