ATM Card Funding Fee

Why do I get less cash than what I paid when I funded my wallet?

Jude Atebe

Last Update một năm trước

There is a 1.5% fee that you are charged by the credit card processing company (Paystack) for payments less than N2,500. You are charged and additional N100 in addition to this 1.5% fee if you fund with N2,500 or more using the Paystack option. This processing fee is removed from the amount that you pay to fund your wallet. It is not removed by Voucher Net but by the credit card processing company (Paystack) for their cost of transaction.

You can avoid this fee by using any other wallet funding methods or keep it at a minimum by making sure you do not use this method for transactions equal to or higher than N2,500.

If you intend to fund your wallet with your ATM card and the amount is equal to or more than N2,500 we advice you use the Quickteller option which is cheaper. The processing fee is N100 using the Quickteller option irrespective of the amount. With the Quickteller option, the N100 flat fee is added to the amount you intend funding your wallet with, and it is deducted directly from your bank account.

These charges are not from Voucher Net Limited. They are fees imposed by service providers (Paystack and Interswitch)

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