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What do I do when my DSTV, GoTV, Startimes etc. is not showing after successful payment?

Jude Atebe

Last Update a year ago

Whenever you pay for any TV subscription (DSTV, GOTV, Startimes etc.) or Internet services (Smile, Spectranet, iPNX, etc), and your service is not activated, you must contact the customer service of the product service provider e.g. Multichoice (for DSTV & GoTV) so that they activate your subscription.

We at Voucher Net Limited cannot activate your subscription because we are a payment services provider. We can only tell you if your payment was successful or not.

If however you contacted the service provider (DSTV, Startime, iPNX etc.) and they informed you that your account with them has not been funded, then you can contact Voucher Net customer service vial live chat or email to [email protected] Share with us the TRANSACTION ID from your transaction history. We will investigate why your payment is not with the service provider and either refund your wallet after investigation or make sure your payment gets to the provider so they can activate your service.

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