Offline Download of e-pins

How do I download pins offline?

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This function helps you print e-pins when you do not have data for direct e-pin download from our online warehouse. It means you need to have previously bought or downloaded the e-pins on your phone so that they are available to you to sell or use even when you do not have data to connect to make sales.

1. Click on Print Recharge Cards then, select download for Offline Sales.

2. Select the MNO (Mobile Network Operator) and choose the denomination you wish to download and the quantity.

3. Hit submit and the pins will be downloaded and stored on your phone.

To sell from what you have downloaded.

a) Make sure you have connected the printer to your app.

b) Click on Print Offline and you will see the list of pins and quantities you downloaded when you had data.

c) Click on any of the items on your list and your pin will be printed one by one.each time you click.

Your wallet will be debited immediately you downloaded for offline sales and you will see the products in your offline section of you app every time until you have exhausted them.

Note that your wallet will not be debited when you print pins from your offline stock.

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