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Can I print e-pins without having a bluetooth printer?

Jude Atebe

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If you do not have our Bluetooth printer, yes, you can still print e-pins. Simply follow the steps below to download pins to a pdf file and save on your phone and you can later send them by email and/or print from any desktop computer to a desktop printer.

This option replaced what used to be know as “download for Offline sales”.

E-pins are only downloaded when you select Print Recharge Cards from the home screen and then Print Online. Under Print Online you will see the tesx “Download to PDF. Any quantity of e-pin selected between 1 to 30 will be downloaded when you click on the "Download To PDF" button.

You will be required to choose a folder on your phone for Android phones, where your pdf file will be saved. You must take note of the file location so you can browse your phone to retrieve it at any time. You will thereafter be given the option to copy or share the pins downloaded.

For iPhones, the downloaded pdf file is automatically stored in the MOBitooT folder under "On my iPhone". You are thereafter also give the option to copy and/or share the downloaded pins to any other app.

Downloaded e-pins files also remain available in your Download History. Please note also that your download history disappears anytime your MOBitooT app is updated. So always safe your files so you can retrieve them later.

Your downloaded pdf file is already in the format to print for sale. You can print the file from a desktop printer.

You can also print from your transaction history to a bluetooth printer or retrieve your pins from your transaction history at any other time.

The download to pdf has therefore effectively replaced what used to be known as Download for offline sales.

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