Connecting MOBitooT to Printer

How do I connect the app to my thermal printer?

Jude Atebe

Last Update 1 年前

Make sure the printer is turned on and within 5 meters of the Mobile Phone.

1. Make sure your phone Bluetooth is also turned on. From your MOBitooT home screen, Select Print e-pin then select Print Online.

2. Click on the printer icon at the top right corner of the MOBitooT app.

3. Click on search for Printer. Select the Bluetooth printer from the list of periperals displayed on the app,

4. Enter the Code 1234 and connect.

A successful connection will change the Printer Indicator Icon from gray to green. 

You can now print anything from your MOBitooT app.


This procedure is only suitable for our printer that we sell (see image below). We do not oblige users to buy printers from us. You are free to buy from us or anywhere else. We however cannot guarantee that any printer you buy will be compatible with our app since we did not test the app with all printers in the marker. We simply chose a printer manufacturer that was reliable and sustainable in delivering good after sale services to us.

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