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How do I buy Airtel Data plans?

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Buying Airtel Data Plans is Unique in MOBitooT and slightly different from all other networks. Just like other networks, you can only subscribe for data with MOBitooT by

1. Select Buy Airtime/Data from your dashboard

2. Select the Network Logo (Airtel)

3. Enter the Naira Value for the Data Bundle you want

4. Enter the destination phone number and proceed to submit and confirm with your transaction pin.

The Naira Value to enter for Airtel is unique. They are the "codes" that informs the Airtel server to dispense data. If you do not type the exact Naira Values as listed below, you will get Airtime for voice instead of data.

Here are the Naira Values for Airtel Data Plans:

Daily/Weekly Data Plans

N49.99 - This Data plan gives 40MB valid for 1day.

N99 - This Data plan gives 100MB valid for 1day.

N199.03 - This Data plan gives 200MB valid for 3days.

N299.02 - This Data plan gives 350MB valid for 7days.

N299.03 - This Data plan gives 1GB valid for 1day.

N499 - This Data plan gives 750MB valid for 14days.

Binge Data Plans

N299.03 - This gives 1GB valid for 1day

499.03 - This gives 2GB valid for 1day

N1499.03 - This gives 6GB valid for 7days

Monthly Data Plans

N999 - This gives 1.5GB valid for 30days.

N1199 - This data plan gives 2 GB valid for 30days

N1499.01 - This Data plan gives 3GB valid for 30 days.

N1999 - This Data plan gives 4.5GB valid for 30 days.

N2499.01 - This Data plan gives 6GB valid for 30 days.

N2999.02 - This Data plan gives 8GB valid for 30 days.

N3999.01 - This Data plan gives 11GB valid for 30 days.

N4999 - This Data plan gives 15GB valid for 30 days.

N7999.02 - This Data plan gives 25GB valid for 30days.

N9999 - This Data plan gives 40GB valid for 30days.

N14999 - This Data plan gives 75GB valid for 30days.

N19999.02 - This Data plan gives 120GB valid for 30days.

MEGA Data Plans

N29999.02 - This MEGA DATA plan gives 2000GB valid for 30days.

N35999.02 - This MEGA DATA plan gives 2800GB valid for 30days.

N49999.02 - This MEGA DATA plan gives 4000GB valid for 90days.

N59999.02 - This MEGA DATA plan gives 5000GB valid for 120days.

N99999.02 - This MEGA DATA plan gives 1TB valid for 365days.

Note: You still get 3% off on these Naira Values.

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