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Why did my money transfer fail?

Jude Atebe

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There are 4 reasons why you are not able to transfer money from your wallet to any bank account:

1. You are not using the updated and most recent version of MOBitooT.

The latest versions are version 5.0.4 for Android and Version 2.0.9 for iPhones. Go to your respective app stores (google playstore or iOS App Store for android and iPhones respectively) and update your MOBitooT app to the current version now!

2. Your Profile Name is not in the Correct Format.

Some of you created your wallets with names like "Honey", "Bizman", "The Grace of God", "Recharge Card Business" etc. You should please use your real names i.e. FirstName and LastName only. You are performing financial transactions. Please go and edit your profiles to carry your real first name and last name!

3. Your Phone Number is Incorrect or in the wrong Format.

Some of you do not have your phone number correctly registered in your profile. If your phone number is registered as +2348012345678 or any other form other than starting with 080 or 090 or 070 as is used for Nigerian mobile numbers, and you have registered a non-functional phone number, your transaction will FAIL.

4. Insufficient funds

If you have not made provision for the N75 transaction fee in your transfer, your transaction will fail. For example, you have N1,000 in your wallet and you need to send N1,000 to your bank account. You can only send N925 to your account because N75 will be deducted in addition to your N925 as "transaction fee". If you enter N1,000 your transaction will fail due to insufficient funds because you need to N1,075 or more before you can transfer N1000 to any bank Account.

Fix these now by going to edit your MOBitooT profile correctly after updating your app else, your money transfer from your wallet to bank accounts will not be successful.

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